jenna (moondanzing) wrote in nefarious_girl,

been awhile...

Just to update..

Bedroom is STILL not done. Nope. I got so sick of it that I've simply refused to notice that the walls are in shambles. I've become so disgusted that I've decided to hire someone to come finish the walls and get them in 'painting condition' in order to spur myself towards finishing it.

This is what I want..

I want it. *poutwhine*

K.. also.. this is my "nook". It's a little breakfast nook off my kitchen. I have actually finished this one.

This is my 'breakfast nook'. When I moved in it was blah-white with NO style.


I HATE this little table.. but.. with a few minor enhancements it's not all that bad, really. Never underestimate a woman with a glue-gun!


Fringe! Fringe! Ooooh how I love fringe. My boyfriend has been hiding for days. He's convinced I'll fringe him too. Muahahaha!!

I thought that since this poor little community is so sad and empty, I'll use this as a wish list. And I wish for lots.
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