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Paint color help

When I was looking for different color ideas I tried to find lots of paint sample colors online. It was close to impossible to find decent ones.

I finally came across this site, They have tons of tools for decorators, and one of the ones I loved was the online color library. It's a bit slow and clunky, but they have TONS of paint colors. Paint Library

Resene ColorRite is an electronic collection of virtual Resene colour cards. You can select colours from Resene ColorRite and use these to paint pathed areas in other computer programs. The 'painting' function cannot be done within Resene ColorRite.

This sorta goes along with it... EzyPaint

Now, I'm not being paid by Resene or anything.. I've just found that they're really the only paint place anywhere that has so much helpful info on their web site. They're not trying to lure you in to the store so the sales people can get their hooks into you. They seem to want you to be informed and happy *before* coming in. I kind of appreciate it.
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