jenna (moondanzing) wrote in nefarious_girl,

My wish list...

You really can't wander around saying "Oooh I want, I want!" all the time. (Honestly though, I do that... and I'm trying to stop) So.. I'm making a wish list. Yep. Stuff I want for no good reason except for the fact that I want it. *nod*

1000 count sheets. Can you believe it?? *1000* count!! I swear.. I'd never leave my bed. I'd also never let my cat on it. *swoon*

This would be simply devine in my kitchen. I want I want.
Clicky me

Oooh.. and this too. Yeah. I want this. *nod*
Clicky me too

I want the three of these (just like it's shown here) for the end of my bed.

everything shown here...

This is a funky lil chair.

heh.. ooh yeah.

This thing is soooo gorgeous.


a new "I want" list...

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