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housey stuffs.

K.. a few things I did this weekend. (I don't like lounging about much)

My Dresser.....

This is my Eastern dresser. I was bored and inspiration struck. I painted my old wooden dresser "Eggplant" purple, then decopaged some Hindu art I found online and went over the edges and the pattern I cut out with gold leaf pen.

My new little lamp.....

This little lamp was a walmart purchase about 5 years ago. I got bored with it so I covered the shade in green crushed velvet, added on beaded fringe and used the gold leaf pen to make peeerty decorations on the base.

My bed.......

Ohmygod.. I love my bed. I so can't wait for my walls to get done.. then it'll look better. I hate the white walls. This bed is my favorite place in the house (For obvious reasons) as well as my cat's favorite place, too.

Thats it ;)
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